I AM VOICES INC.'s Mission Is To transform the lives of survivors of sexual abuse while educating the community through awareness and prevention tactics.


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Click here to get help and healing through our free, confidential services offered to sexual abuse survivors in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley County.



Click here to learn more about our support group sessions, workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, programs, empowerment and community events.



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Sexual Abuse isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round awareness and community outreach efforts is essential. 

Devote a little time to support people in your community who need a VOICE, you will see first-hand the impact you can have by helping others.

Urgent Projects

Our Outreach team has traveled to many different cites in the United States to raise awareness of Sexual Abuse.

We have sat with individuals at airports, on the streets, and educated them on the stats and how they can help by just using their VOICE.