What You Must Tell Yourself Daily..

Sexual abuse or any life traumatic experience has a way sometimes to make you feel “down in the dumps”.  You have to make sure you remind yourself everyday all the positive qualities you possess. Even on days you really don’t believe it, tell yourself anyway.

While at home I have positive notes and quotes everywhere.  It really helps me remember who I am and why I exist.  We all have a purpose.  I use posted notes on mirrors and refrigerator.  I use electronic posted notes on my computer. I purchase pictures and/or painting with positive words.

Its important that all of us stay encouraged always.  I encourage you today.  Go and get some posted notes or grab a few sheets of paper and start writing the positive things  that make you the beautiful person you are.

Today is about “Loving You”.  Love yourself without limits.  Give yourself permission to me imperfect, you won’t be brilliant everyday.  But, there is something you have done everyday that you can be proud of.  Remember those qualities.

Talk with you later…..