How Does A Survivor Cope After Sexual Abuse?

As a survivor myself of sexual abuse, I can tell you, you may go through many changes. For some it takes months, for some years, and others never “Handle” the sexual abuse experience.

Alot of things play role in the process of handling/healing.  Each person’s story is so very different.  The journey of someone who was abused for years maybe different than someone who was abused once.  Someone who was abused by a stranger the healing process may be different if it was a family member.

I’ve also found it very soothing to talk about your traumatic experience. In using your voice, you never know how you may heal by telling your story.  If your not into talking, writing also helps get the emotions released.

I personally went through many different feelings and emotions, changes, resets, setbacks, etc.  The picture above depicts the very feelings many of us have endured at one time or another.

Feeling Alone:

Feeling Hurt:

Feeling Abandoned:

Feeling Ashamed:

Feeling Afraid:

Feeling like your the Blame:

Hating yourself and maybe the predator too:

The list of feelings/emotions you can experience is endless. But, these are true feelings and true emotions.  As I released each one, I counted it as a blessing.  I realized I was one step closer to my freedom, my peace.